A more in depth look at the coffee cup design and an insight into some of the design decisions. From research I established that 40% of coffee drinkers preferred to drink from a takeaway cup because of the way that the espresso mixed with the milk. 60% of coffee drinkers preferred an open top cup to combine the smell of coffee with taste.


To appeal to both user groups I have designed a lid that can slide from the forward to the back position.  This changes the drinking experience from mimicking a takeaway cup to mimicking an open top cup.


When the lid is in the back position it combines, the smell with taste when drinking from the cup. When the lid is in the forward position it mixes the espresso with the foam similar to existing takeaway cup designs. 


In order to slide the lid back 31mm of movement is required. The 5th percentile female thumb is 40mm long meaning that the majority of the population is capible of performing this action.


When the cup is placed in a cup holder the design of the lid allows the user to pull the cup out of the cupholder, without pulling the lid off. This is a common problem with existing designs, creating potentially dangerous spillages.